Before the Brand


At Lime Media, we are always creating, innovating, fabricating and producing amazing projects! Some of these jaw-dropping projects never make it to our sizzle real, website gallery or social media due to confidentiality agreements that we hold with our clients and/or partnering agencies. However, we can show what it looks like “BEFORE THE BRAND”.

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If we had to choose a second home outside of Dallas, Texas it could very well be the Big Apple a.k.a. New York City, New York. Each year we do more and more activations in New York City and we just love it. Most recently we assisted our client, Arnold Worldwide, in filming a new commercial for Ocean Spray’s beverage, PACt, on Columbus Circle right in front of the famous Trump Tower.  

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Eight 12 foot glass display box trucks with a custom build-out. Each truck had the following: one touch screen with custom programming; one screen with DVD player showing product highlights; 9 (3 rows of 3) custom overhead track lighting; LED lighting throughout; 2 high-end custom shelving units; 1 large interior air conditioning unit; wall-to-wall premium wood grain laminate flooring; fully WiFi enabled. 

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