4 Types of Experiential Marketing Solutions


Experiential marketing can be disguised as a variety of other marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at 4 key types of experiential marketing solutions: PRODUCT SHOWCASE One of the most common types of experiential marketing is a product showcase. When one of your top marketing goals is to educate consumers about your product, a product … Read more

5 Creative Experiential Marketing Examples


It’s difficult to engage consumers in the era of the eight second attention span, but it’s not an impossible mission. When done right, experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers to form memorable, emotional connections with a brand to foster customer loyalty and improve customer lifetime value. Here are five inspiring experiential marketing examples … Read more

Holiday Ideation


With the holidays just around the corner, we’re here to bring you some fresh ideas and also show you some amazing projects from the past. At Lime Media, our world revolves around creating a great holiday experience that makes an impression so big that people race to share their amazing moment on social media! CUSTOMIZED … Read more