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80% of consumers participate in brand experiences for the mere purpose of testing a product, and 70% say they’re more likely to buy it once they try it! 

Experiential marketing events such as music festivals, product launches, markets, and fairs among others, are strategic spaces for a brand to put their products in the hands of their target audience. 

If you add a cool mobile marketing vehicle to the equation you end up with a successful product launch!

  • Stepvans and Food Trucks 
  • Gullwing Stepvan
  • Airsterams; Bambi Airstream, Serving Window Airstream, Gullwing Airstream
  • Pop Up Cubes
  • Bike Carts 
  • Containers
  • Jeeps
  • Food Sample Trailers
  • Vintage Vehicles; Citroen, MetroMite, etc.


– Did you know you can execute a sampling event even if you don’t sell a food or beverage!? Create hype around your new service or product by giving current or prospective clients a small gift showing them your brand cares about their customers. This small action will distinguish your brand from your competitors’ making yours their go-to option. 

– We can transform a typical food truck by opening up the side and creating a gullwing stepvan. Hit the streets and promote a new product launch! Utilize the wide open space to invite consumers inside for an experience they won’t forget! 

– Immerse your brand in the next music festival with one of our assets to take advantage of massive crowds. Hand out your product and create a moment to establish the first relationship the consumer might have with your brand. With the excitement and fun of the festival paired with sampling your product, you will have a higher chance of them becoming repeat customers.

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