If we had to choose a second home outside of Dallas, Texas it could very well be the Big Apple a.k.a. New York City, New York. Each year we do more and more activations in New York City and we just love it. Most recently we assisted our client, Arnold Worldwide, in filming a new commercial for Ocean Spray’s beverage, PACt, on Columbus Circle right in front of the famous Trump Tower.  

Among several elements of the photo shoot for us there were two that held great priority for Lime Media and our client, 1) research and obtain the proper permits so that the video shoot did not get shut down once it was in motion 2) identify, hire and manage an authentic New York City pedicab company.   New York City is one of the toughest cities to successfully acquire the proper permits for any sort of marketing activations. Our vast experience in researching and acquiring permits for our clients continues to grow with each market. For Arnold, we listened to their ideas early on in the ideation phase. We then went right to work to find locations in and around New York City that matched their vision as well as their budget. Of course knowing the proper filing procedures and time lines are only part of the entire permitting equation. It’s also helps to have longstanding relationships with the right people in the right departments within each city government in each city and town.

Whew, that was a long sentence! Needless to say we have built a vast list of friends not only in NYC but all over the country. Let’s just say that we do a lot of permitting!   Anyone can use yelp to find a reputable pedicab company in NYC but it takes a lot more time and experience in NYC to make sure the pedicab company was dependable, had quality equipment, experienced drivers in the city and most importantly, experience in working in film. Once this was completed, the second phase was all about branding.

As we all know, branding is critical especially when film is involved. The shoot called for seven pedicabs and pedicab drivers and each one had to be branded properly or it was a bust. It was a long arduous process but the outcome was spectacular.   Whether you are in need of a street permit to secure a specific area in New York City or a health permit to sample hot dogs all throughout the state of Florida or maybe a special event permit in Washington DC to close off an area to make it look like a ‘guerilla’ marketing event, keep us in mind as we have the experience, the staff and the friends to make it happen.