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Smart LED trucks can help your brand make an IMMEDIATE CONNECTION with your target audience and reach the masses. 

Our fleet of LED advertising trucks are taking the OOH marketing field by storm! With our patented built-in WiFi and GPS tracking software, our trucks can geo target markets with specific content via live GPS tracking while in motion.

These budget-friendly assets are perfect for product launches, grand openings, election campaigns, telecom ads and are a great way for brands to generate massive exposure around a sporting event or trade show.

  • Smart Technology/Geo targeting: Using WiFi and GPS, we can display content based on the truck’s location – in real time! Click to watch short DEMO VIDEO HERE.
  • Largest Fleet in US
  • Nationwide Services: Inventory in top 20 markets
  • Complete creative services
  • Comprehensive program management


  • Multiple Streaming Options: Stream separate content on all 3 sides simultaneously
  • Cloud Management: Manage screen content remotely. Make changes to addresses, locations, or the actual ads themselves anytime without interrupting the driver of the truck, allowing drivers to focus on safely driving and delivering your ads in market. 
  • Shadow Fencing: We can push out as many as 1MM ads per truck per month! The ShadowFencing tech pushes ads to cell phones of consumers immediately near the truck and retargets them over the course of the campaign.
  • We hire only the best: Trained, drug-free professional drivers
  • Rest assured, we are insured: Fully licensed and insured
  • Endless Possibilities: US and Canada

Our mobile digital billboard trucks have two 16:9 HD displays on both sides and a square HD display at the rear of the vehicle. Each screen can play/stream motion/static content independently. With millions of vibrant colors, our 6 mm LED screens offer stunning imagery that is sure to make a lasting impression. 

Gaming and LIVE streaming content are popular uses of this versatile asset, and if that isn’t enough, we’ve built-in speakers for the ultimate audio/video experience! We have mastered the perfect blend of billboards and television into one asset.

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