Marketing & Music: The Perfect Mashup


Over the years, Lime Media has managed hundreds of experiential programs for agencies and brands, and engaged with consumers thru many types of products and tactics: we’ve made high-quality fresh food at big events; we’ve let people get a hands-on test with a variety of new products (phones, vacuums, TV’s, etc.); they’ve played the latest video games in glass box trucks; and we’ve taken them on a VR journey to meet a murderous clown. These programs have had varying degrees of success, but there is one approach that always resonates with consumers:music. When we use music as the main “connection point” to consumers, we can be sure the program will deliver strong KPI’s for the client.

Before the Brand


At Lime Media, we are always creating, innovating, fabricating and producing amazing projects! Some of these jaw-dropping projects never make it to our sizzle real, website gallery or social media due to confidentiality agreements that we hold with our clients and/or partnering agencies. However, we can show what it looks like “BEFORE THE BRAND”.