A Big B-2-B Program For A Small Audience


As every experiential marketing veteran knows, it is becoming harder and harder to break through the clutter of marketing “noise” and make an impact with your target audience.  While we can discuss the merits of various tactics all day long, there is one approach almost everyone will agree really hits the mark: make a personal connection with your audience.  The challenge for most of us is that many brands want “quantity” over “quality”, because it helps amortize the high cost of most experiential programs.  

A Veterans Day Salute


Freedom. Liberty. Discipline. Teamwork.  Each of these characteristics are earned by our war-fighters through countless hours of sweat, blood, and sometimes lives lost. Veterans are cut from the same cloth as all of our American brothers and sisters, but have gone through a special trial by fire that has crafted some of our country’s greatest contributors. … Read more



If you are not part of the Tiny House Movement, you are missing out on a marketing craze like no other! At Lime Media, we are thrilled about the results from our successful, 6 week nationwide tour with Cost Plus, World Market! This was a perfect fit for World Market as they were able to … Read more

Santa Is Coming To Town. Are You Ready?


Where has the time gone this year? Summer is already a distant memory and fall is flying by like we’re in a speeding train. Half of the football season is over, and before we even finalize the Thanksgiving menu, there is a new Grinch movie coming out! That means Christmas will be here before you … Read more