The Importance of Face-to-Face Marketing Engagement

Experiential marketing events are more popular than ever. That’s because they focus on the tried and true marketing method, face-to-face engagement. We see this concept everywhere. Schools will host college fairs so students can better understand what prospective schools are like. Grocery stores hand out product samples from sweet employees bearing colossal smiles. As individuals, we strive for human connection, making face-to-face engagement incredibly important in marketing.

1). Be Immersive

In-person marketing events provide an immersive experience that allows brands to tell their story. Showcase your company’s purpose and how you came to be. Connecting with your consumers in this way provides a personalized experience. This will create a lasting impression of your brand and provide unforgettable memories.

2). Communicate Effectively

It’s much more straightforward to communicate through face-to-face engagement. In digital marketing, a message is easily lost in translation, making it challenging to understand its full intent. A message is better received when your audience can make out the non-verbal cues of brand ambassadors, creating genuine communication.

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3). Make Memorable Moments

In-person events generate emotional responses through sensory. Did you know how we smell, see, hear, touch, and taste impact how we remember those experiences? That’s exactly what happens through experiential events! Events produce positive, multi-sensory experiences that lead to lasting connections and the growth of relationships. For example, a welcoming handshake creates a sense of warmth and trust, leading to higher engagement. Brands can use this impact to increase their success.

4). Build Trust

Consumers crave transparency and are more likely to support brands that publicly demonstrate who they are and what they stand for. There’s no better way to promote openness than through events. In-person interaction allows brands to be vulnerable. They can connect on a deeper level with the audience. Transparency leads to greater brand loyalty.

5). Generate Buzz

Events are the best way to create buzz for your brand. People love showcasing cool things they’ve participated in. This fuels user-generated content. UGC is content that is produced and promoted organically. People love sharing their experiences on social media. The buzz this creates will last long after the event is over.

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6). Build Visibility

When your brand hosts in-person events, you’re allowing consumers to put a face to the name. Even if there is no initial purchase, you’re putting your brand at the front of consumers’ minds. This way, when the time comes that they need what you offer, you’ll be their go-to brand. Customers are more likely to recommend your products if they have positive experiences.

7). Avoid Misunderstandings

There are endless options available to consumers, but they don’t always take the time to research the best choice. This leaves out valuable information benefitting your brand. Through face-to-face interactions, brand ambassadors can explain and highlight your brand. It also allows the opportunity for questions, giving your brand a leg up on competitors who only market digitally.

8). Create Positive Word of Mouth

Consumers will talk about their experience with the brands they engage with. You’re giving them positive impressions of your brand by providing face-to-face interaction. There’s the opportunity to make your event something worth sharing. Create a sense of FOMO, and make others wonder what they’re missing out on. Creating positive experiences that lead to positive word of mouth will increase your ROI and benefit your brand!

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9). Show Gratitude

In-person engagement allows your brand to express gratitude, which is essential for continued support. After all, buyers are the reason for a brand’s success. When individuals feel valued and appreciated by a company, they have a stronger sense of loyalty. This creates validation, which generates a desire to make efforts to support your brand.

10). Provide Human Connection

Digital marketing will never replace human connection. 40% of people are converted to consumers through face-to-face interactions with brands, and 28% of sales would be obsolete without in-person opportunities. People are wired to seek personal connections. Marketing digitally loses that sense of connection, and people become lost in the crowd. Brands that provide human contact resonate powerfully with audiences.

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Start taking advantage of face-to-face marketing today! Experiential events are a fantastic way to provide face-to-face engagement with your brand. You’ll see an increase in your marketing results and have more positive reviews surrounding your brand!