2023 Marketing Trends

Marketers everywhere are anticipating the new year as 2022 draws to a close. Staying ahead of the game is vital to your brand’s marketing success. The name of the game in 2023? Adaptability. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, but several trends are expected to make it big this next year.


TikTok continues to be the fastest-growing social media platform and the most used by generation Z. What’s neat about Tiktok is that they’re investing in businesses. What does that look like? They have an entire portal of free resources available to help companies succeed on the app. How awesome is that?! It’s increasingly important, too, because research shows that 81% of TikTok users use the app to find new brands, products, and services.

The app is relatively straightforward regarding how to record and upload videos, and there are exponential learning opportunities. However, how to make it big on TikTok is still a mystery to businesses. Success on the platform relies significantly on trial and error. But that means that no idea is too big or too crazy! And if one idea doesn’t work, try something else!

TikTok changes constantly. What blows up one day can be obsolete the next. This means that brands must stay on top of what’s working on the platform and rely heavily on social monitoring. A few things to anticipate are using original audio and incorporating influencers into your content.

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Social Commerce

Social commerce is a newer concept that uses social media platforms to market and sell products and services, also known as in-app shopping. You’re taking out the middle man and buying straight through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The idea is to target consumers through impulse buys.

Social commerce is an up-and-coming method of purchasing and has yet to be fully trusted by consumers. It’s expected to grow in popularity in 2023. The key is to emphasize the legitimacy of buying through social platforms, which is done by brands building trust with their consumers. You should expect to see this in the next year through the use of influencers and high-quality customer service communications.

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Short-form Video

It’s hard to ignore the rise of short-form videos on ALL social media platforms. What was once unique to TikTok is now available similarly on every channel. What qualifies as a short-form video? Honestly, it’s constantly evolving! Usually, it involves quick edits, trending audio, transformations, and hooks that engage the viewer. Video content allows consumers to get better insight into a brand. Whether introducing your team, giving an office tour, or showing behind-the-scenes content, if it adds the human touch to your brand, it’ll lead to success.

The concept has grown from 15-second TikTok videos to 90-second Instagram reels, 60-second Instagram stories, and up to 3-minute TikToks. The power of video is even being used by Pinterest! Youtube is playing into the popularity as well with Youtube Shorts. These are published videos that have a maximum of 60 seconds and are viewed on a feed similar to TikTok and Instagram.

In hand with short-form video, accessibility is increasing heavily for 2023. 85% of people watch videos without sound, meaning that any verbal content in videos is likely not absorbed by the viewer. Subtitles and alternate captioning are encouraged for video content that includes significant dialogue. As a marketer, think of subtitles and short-form videos going hand in hand.

Video content remains vital to a brand’s marketing strategy and should be utilized on all social platforms.

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Brand Value

Now more than ever, social media is used as a search engine. So much content is available daily, and it can be challenging to stand out. People want something new, something personal. Consumers have spoken, and going into 2023, they seek authentic brands.

Your brand should tell a story. Not only does this build trust with consumers, but it gives your brand the ability to relate to them. 95% of people make purchase decisions based on their emotions. The stronger your brand identity is, the more people will be drawn to your product or service.

Because of the emphasis on authenticity, brands should hone in on their target markets in 2023. Casting a wide net won’t be as successful as targeted marketing efforts toward audiences that match your ideal customers.

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Interactive Content

The average person spends two and a half hours on social media daily. That’s a lot of scrolling and can become mindless. Brands need to find a way to capture consumers’ attention, and the best way to do that in 2023 is through interactive content!

On social media, interactive content can occur through branded filters, live streams, polls, and more! However, experiences are the BEST way to increase engagement and capture your audience next year.

Experiential marketing humanizes your brand and allows consumers to get an inside look into what you’re all about. Not only are you providing memorable experiences, but you’re generating buzz for your brand!

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That’s a wrap for 2022. The creative bar continues to rise, and marketers must be prepared to adapt and take strategies to the next level!