Guerilla Marketing

Exciting. Memorable. Astonishing. These are just a few words that describe the effect guerilla marketing has on consumers.

What is guerilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing is an unconventional marketing method that uses the art of surprise to appeal to large groups of consumers in public places. No, the term did not originate from the primate but instead from the military tactic known as guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare was used by smaller armies and referred to using small tactical raids and ambushes to surprise their enemy.

In terms of marketing, it’s a much more lighthearted concept. The goal is to invoke surprise, wonder, and shock to audiences in an unexpected way.


Types of guerilla marketing

Several types of guerilla marketing can be utilized by brands. Outdoor guerilla marketing refers to placing something odd or unusual in an outdoor environment. The idea is to place these elements in high foot traffic areas. This could include manipulating a statue or park bench to highlight your brand. Street art also falls into this category and is very popular with bystanders.

Indoor guerilla marketing uses enclosed spaces like college campuses, malls, or museums. One of the most popular ways people use this technique is through flash mobs. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good flash mob? Exactly.

Experiential guerilla marketing encompasses both of these and more! Experiential guerilla marketing can take place literally ANYWHERE! All you need is to make sure you have an interactive experience for the public! This type of experiential marketing has several benefits and will work with any brand.



The most significant benefit of guerilla marketing is that it works with any budget! Think about it. Your brand is activating in a preexisting setting. This means there is no cost for permitting, which can be a huge pain point for many brands wanting to activate. You can launch an entire campaign at a fraction of the cost compared to other marketing methods.

This low-budget option is excellent for small businesses wanting to boost their brand presence! Forget more bang for your buck. We’re talking maximum exposure for a low, low cost. How awesome is that? It doesn’t hurt your brand’s return on investment, either!


Every marketer’s dream is for their brand to make it BIG and go viral online. Well, guerilla marketing is the simplest way to get there. People are curious, and they are fascinated by things that are out of the ordinary and random. The more unique your efforts are, the more people will talk about them. And if they like what they are experiencing, they’ll post about it, making social media your new best friend!


Generate word of mouth

90% of consumers purchase a product because of a review they received from someone they know. And the best way to get people talking? Give them something unexpected. Not only are bystanders more likely to purchase your product, but they’ll also talk about their experience with their friends. Pro tip: if you can target emotions, people are three times more likely to talk about you. Think about all the exposure your brand will gain! Positive word of mouth is the easiest way to convert people to consumers.

Reach your target audience

This one is short and sweet. Guerilla marketing allows you to go to WHERE your consumers are. Targeting women who love fashion? Show up at the mall. College students during final? Activate at the local library! Your brand can go where you want when you want. You have direct access to the EXACT people you’re targeting.

Memorable moments

People get stuck in their everyday routines and start going through the motions. Traditional marketing methods like emails or social media posts get overlooked daily. What do people remember? The break in patterns. The unpredictability. The more you can avoid structure and rules, the more memorable your brand will be. It’s okay to be odd. It’s okay to make people stop and stare… That’s a good thing!


Guerilla marketing allows brands to focus on their creativity and hone in on their imagination. Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your consumers? Create social media buzz? Be known as clever and unique? Guerilla marketing might be the next step in your marketing strategy! All you need is some imagination, and you’re good to go. The opportunities to promote your brand through guerilla marketing are endless!