Why brands partner with Lime Media

What makes Lime Media stand out from the rest? Some might say it’s our awesome assets and others will say it’s the fact that we have dogs running around the office. We believe it’s our culture. We live off of three core values; Creative, Quality, and Kingdom. We take pride in our work and company. Core values unite a workplace. We are constantly trying to find avenues to provide the best services for our clients. That is why we are committed to becoming the one stop shop for experiential marketing! Lime Media is proud to announce Lime Studios! Our in-house 3D team offers a wide variety of 3D rendering services and our videography team will deliver amazing footage to fit any need. From the first call all the way to the end of your activation, we are right alongside you.

Core value 1: Creating visually appealing assets and graphics

Our first core value is CREATIVE. Evolution and Knowledge: Continue to improve and learn best practices from both good and bad experiences. We have the most creative crew to bring your imagination to life. Our creative team designs life-like renders of your ideas. This is a great way to be able to visualize your project before it goes into the next stage, production. Best part is we are able to capture the construction of the asset! We offer videography services that will fit the needs of your campaign. Options include raw footage, edited production process videos, and speciality drone shots. This is an awesome way to see your asset being built from the inside out! We create a perfect time capsule to show behind the scene action. We also offer activation highlight videos created from an on site videographer, time lapse video showcasing your project build, and customer journey videos. We want you to be able to have amazing content and share the experience. We know creativity is key in order to truly grasp your customers’ attention, that’s why it’s an essential core value here at Lime Media.

Core value 2: Quality, how investing in our people makes us stand out

Our second core value is QUALITY. Timely, Accountability, and Relationships:  Work at a good pace and get it done now. Take extreme ownership of both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nurture personal, professional, and spiritual relationships of all. With the addition of Lime Studio services, we are able to bring high quality videography and 3D renderings to the table. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to a marketing campaign. Often you’re under the wire and only have a few weeks to get a campaign on the road. On other occasions, you have a more friendly timeline. Either way we RESPECT your time. We are fully aware that timelines change and we adapt. We never sacrifice quality and are always here to solve problems that may arise. Serving others is important to us here at Lime Media and we will provide the absolute best for our customers. The final product is a true testament to both the physical and mental labor poured out into a project. We want our client to see their asset for the first time and be in awe of the beautiful creation. Our team brings so much value to Lime Media. We take the time to find individuals who will bring the right attitude to the table. We make sure that the quality of life in and outside of our walls are top notch. A quality team provides quality work.

Core value 3: Kingdom, God drives our hearts to give our best

Our third core value is Kingdom. Morals, Work ethic and Opportunity:  Right wrongs and live by the Golden Rule. Go hard or go home and create wins for our clients, our business, and ourselves. We are true servants of God and aim to show that in every single thing we do. We have been given unique talents and believe we should use it to serve our clients, our employees, friends and family. Every single client has a story, a vision and a mission behind their project. Lime Media is here to put everything we have into executing that. Our new Lime Studios team is an added layer of opportunity and excellence to our company. We are able to truly become the one stop shop and take care of every aspect for our clients. Every option we offer is specifically tailored to our clients needs and vision.

This is what we have to offer, and more

So what makes us stand out? We are Christian leaders who believe that our foundation is built on honoring God through a high commitment to excellence, quality and productivity. We are passionate about our business and understand the value of having the best employees, best products and best systems. We pour into our team, for our clients. We pour into our new services, for our clients. We constantly push ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically to be our best selves for our clients. With Lime Media, you get the best:

  • Fleet Management Elements
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Event Productions
  • Permit Research
  • Tour Management
  • 3D render Services
    • Interior: Lime Studios 3D Interior renderings help to visualize what a vehicle, container, trailer, building, or any number of objects will look like on the inside. We can lay out details to help clients understand the available space and add a realistic look and feel.
    • Exterior: 3D Exterior renderings help customers visualize what a vehicle, scene, or an entire event will look like. Lime Studios can incorporate the client’s graphics or design custom graphics to put on the exterior of vehicles, buildings, environments, or even props.
    • Fly- Thru: 3D fly-thru and 360 animations help customers visualize what a vehicle, scene, or an entire event will look like. These fly-thru renderings can give realistic views and Lime Studios has a professional team to make the customer’s vision come to life.
  • Videography Services
    • Customer journey videos, drone shots, time lapse, highlights, raw footage, and more!

Creating a relationship with our clients

We are so thankful to be able to offer a variety of in house assistance and truly become the clients one stop shop. For more information regarding our services and cost please email us at info@lime-media.com. You can also visit our website lime-media.com or give us a call at (972) 808-5241. We look forward to assisting you and bringing your imagination to life!