The Ultimate Marketing on Wheels

It’s Time to Plan an Advertising Campaign with an Airstream

Brands, the faithful innovators in the market, are looking for ways to impact their audience differently. That’s because audiences are highly demanding about the services and products offered to them. They’re high maintenance, so to speak.

Digital marketing is increasingly present around the world, and with the evolution of technology, many people have switched to online advertising. Despite this, traditional methods such as mobile advertising are not disappearing, but are coming in strong!

Utilizing vehicles as a form of advertising has many advantages over other forms of advertising if done correctly. When a campaign is successfully conducted, the benefits will be better than ever expected!

This method of on-the-go advertising is here to stay. But, what exactly is this method? And, what characteristics does it have? Keep reading to find out!

Out-of-home advertising (OOH)

The best OOH marketing and advertising campaigns utilize unique assets, or different vehicles (buses, airstreams, vans, trailers, cars… etc.) with the goal of establishing a route and reaching as many potential customers as possible.

Take our airstreams for example. They usually have a creative and innovative component, transforming into exhibitions, mobile offices, or even an immersive experience for anyone who wants to enjoy the service. In this way, the customer approaches and becomes an active user of the brand.

A pastry and coffee stand? Lunch in a park? A mobile store with branded T-shirts where you can design your own? Yes to all! With our custom airstreams, you can do ANYTHING.

Why Should I Plan an Advertising Campaign with an Airstream?

With an airstream, you can sell a product or promote services through strategies and campaigns that help create a good reputation. To meet this goal, the message must be clear and designed to attract new potential customers.

At Lime Media, we know how to get the customer’s attention in an original and creative way. Your customers will feel that they really need the product or service that you are offering. Advertising with airstreams has three main advantages that make it stand out from other types of advertising.

Advertising with an Airstream: The Advantages


Airstreams attract a lot of attention and they leave a mark on consumers. They remember the uniqueness of the airstream experience and they remember the brand. There are many advantages of advertising with this type of vehicle, let’s dive into three of them.

Advantage #1: It helps to reach a segmented and focused audience in specific areas because it can cover a local area. Since the promotion is using a vehicle, the campaign can move to different places easily, reaching even more potential consumers.

Advantage #2: Customers can make the choice on their own to approach the vehicle or not. It’s not as invasive. It doesn’t provoke as much rejection compared to internet ads and provides more credibility.

Advantage #3: There are still people who don’t regularly use technology, high tech devices, or who simply appreciate traditional methods of advertising. Therefore, these vehicles will get to those customers who enjoy more experiential advertising and reach those who are not on the internet.

What kind of marketing events can be organized on airstreams?

There are many types of events that can be created with these trending vehicles. It all depends on the target audience, your budget, and what you’re trying to achieve.

Here are some ideas of what type of event we can do with our airstreams:

  • Networking events: the most common way to connect supply with demand. These are practical scenarios where participants are willing to buy and/or sell while meeting new people to join their network.
  • Launches or inaugurations: the best way to publicize a new product or service. This is a very useful tool to market a new product or service to first-time customers.
  • Workshops: an essential tool for reaching potential customers and sales. Teaching through an expert offers an added value. This builds trust and gives credibility to encourage the purchase of a product or service.
  • Fairs: scenarios designed for the exchange between consumers and companies. Participating in this type of event is essential to benchmark competitors and to receive feedback from potential customers.

Marketing events allow you to reach unexpected audiences who may have a high interest in hearing what you have to say. If the event being organized has interesting and unusual thematic content, the commercial event will be able to reach people who were not previously on the radar!

Our Successful Campaigns


Our airstreams enable you to STAND OUT from the crowd and give you the much-needed exposure every business needs to grow.

Like many others, Southwest Airlines wanted to raise awareness and boost sales, so they came to us to come up with a campaign that not only achieved both goals but also entertained customers.


Southwest gave away thousands of free Rapid Rewards points to residents of California who were members of the loyalty program. During the event, we made sure the customers felt like they were part of the brand by keeping them engaged with a custom prize wheel built by Lime Media expert fabricators.


We created an atmosphere where everybody passing through felt welcome to join the event and could even sign up for Rapid Rewards to win points on the spot. The event was extremely successful and the airline got many new signees.

Hit the Road with Your Business!

Welcome to the revolution in the marketing sector! Nothing will ever be the same again after you step into a custom airstream to sample a beer or sit back and relax while trying out a new massage chair. Anything and everything is possible if you throw imagination in the mix and make your brand stand out in the market!

Get new customers and retain your existing customer base by designing a custom airstream with us. Contact us at