Science, Marketing, Free Oh My!

How the power of a freebie draws in consumers.

We all love FREE. It’s the magical term that gets us to subscribe to a site, sign up for a trial, and walk into a store. How many times has “free gift with purchase” compelled you to buy a pair of jeans you didn’t need? Freebies consist of samples with your company branding on it. They can range from a sticker, to a shirt, or the food you are known for. The opportunities are endless and provide financial flexibility. Science has proven that impulses rise when they see the word free. The word free tricks the mind into thinking, low risk. “How can it hurt if i didn’t have to earn it’. It is certainly a hot marketing trend. And guess what!? It’s working.


”Create that connection that brings them back to that experience they had at your event.”

Build Brand Awareness

You may be asking yourself, “How does my company benefit from this marketing method?” You want people to be able to recognize your brand by a logo or slogan. Brand awareness builds trust between your company and your consumer. Best way to do that? Give them a sticker to put on their computer. Or a coffee mug that they drink out of everyday. Create that connection that brings them back to that experience they had at your event. Brand awareness also equals growth. People want to chat about an event they attended and had a remarkable experience. Next time you are running a campaign, consider adding a free promotion code, a free gift with purchase, or an item that will bring them back to when they met you. What’s the science behind a freebie? This method will leave your mark on your consumers from the positive charge (happy brain) they experienced. Therefore, remembering your face, your logo, and your items or service.

Target Audience:

Freebies also help you get to know your target audience. Pay attention to who is coming to your area and what their interests are. This can range from demographics such as age and gender. This is a cost effective way to market to a broader audience via social platforms. Engaging with one person and providing a positive experience will also lead to word-of-mouth marketing. There is something special about talking in person and discussing a product or service. We are humans and all CRAVE interaction. The feedback generated from conversations or even an emailed survey can help your company distinguish what works and what doesn’t. 


Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are the root of your business. Once you build meaningful relationships with your consumers they trust your business and your product. Here at Lime Media, we know the importance of creating MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS with a customer. A great way to do that is by having them try your product or service in real time. If your customer likes your product, they are more likely to create a buying habit for it. Buying habit is a term used when a consumer repeats their purchase for the same or similar items. Since a customer is aware of your brand, as well as the smiling faces behind it, a personal connection is created. Therefore leading them to feel a sense of loyalty to the brand.

Traffic Increase to Site: 

Freebies can lead to an increase of sales directly from your website. As you become more aware of your target audience and create that loyalty, naturally people will check out your site for more products! Another great way to lead traffic to your website is by asking for feedback at your event. Ask consumers if you can send them a quick survey regarding their experience and then reward them with a discount if they subscribe. These are just more TIPS AND TRICKS to increase constant communication between your business and your customer! An experiential marketing event with freebies allows customers to access your social platforms, emails, thus increasing leads. Lime Media helps you create those efficient marketing trends for your business! Let us bring your idea to life with a memorable experience.

Influencers At No Cost

It’s important to actively study new trends on social platforms. You can partner with a few influencers and have them market your brand and event. This would be a benefit to targeting your audience through multiple influences who already have the trust of their followers. For example, having a fashion influencer at your boutique pop up shop. They can help advertise the event to their following. Whoever shows up and mentions they found out through the influencer gets a free gift. Also create a hashtag for when the consumer posts their freebie. Not only do you scratch their back by driving more engagement to their platforms but you can test how effective that marketing strategy was through mentions and hashtags. Both you and the influencer benefit from the event by having clear terms and expectations. If done correctly you will see an increase of traffic on your socials and site. You can even offer them a discount code for further advertisement and use.

Wrapped With A Bow While you might want instant gratification from your freebies, remember that relationships take time to build. Focus on creating a meaningful experience to create brand awareness. It’s vital. Use that foundation to find your target audience. Naturally you will create loyal customers who know your mission. They will feel a sense of owing their allegiance to you and your product or services because you provided a positive introduction to your name. Your likes, comments, engagement and site traffic will naturally increase overtime. So, when you’re strategizing the next marketing campaign, ask yourself what you can give away for free to gain valuable customers at a low cost.