Mobile Experiential Trucks: Buying vs. Leasing

There is a Smarter Way to Spend Your Money. Try Leasing!

There are so many dimensions to a successful experiential marketing campaign that one can become overwhelmed with the options and strategies.
When Cap X isn’t an option, there several other options that offer efficient solutions outside of purchasing mobile experiential trucks.

Leasing mobile experiential trucks is a painless way to exhibit a strong brand presence without being stuck with the asset after the program.

At Lime Media, we have been providing turn-key solutions to agencies and brands for many years, and are continually adapting and moving with the ever-changing trends and tactics of this industry.

We have our ears to the ground and are earnestly evaluating the data and metrics so that when we engage a program, we are able to deliver tactical advisement and XM performance strategies that hit the program objective and KPIs where people live, work, and play.

With more than 130 owned assets, we are equipped to expedite any scope of work/program and are equipped with a full-time staff of: Creatives, Strategist, Producers, Activation Managers

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