A few days prior to being contacted by this anonymous group, it was announced that an Atheist group was going to run ads on the Ft. Worth public bus system (called the “T”).  Our client’s goal was to counter the Atheist program with a pro-Christian message that was non-aggressive or negative in any way.  The pro-Christian group wanted to respond with a positive message that was not pushing any specific church or denomination, simply promoting the Christian philosophy.  The client’s objective was to generate some minor “buzz” with local media and with local people riding the bus or driving near the buses.

The solution was a mobile billboard truck with an insightful message and image that would follow the buses with the Atheist message. Additionally, a short press release was distributed to the local TV stations and 2 local newspapers.

The actual experience was quite simple:  The city buses drove their route and right behind one of them was our mobile billboard truck.  The busses had many different routes, but the mobile billboard truck focused on high-traffic areas, so it followed different busses at different times of the day.

The results were overwhelming.  The press release was sent out late afternoon, Sunday December 5th. By 9:00 AM December 6th, we had received phone calls from 4 local TV stations stating they were sending cameras to film the mobile truck and asking for interviews.

From that point on, the “buzz” exploded.  The story received attention from national media and we received phone calls and emails from hundreds of individuals from around the country.  Multiple presentations have been given in churches around the country and we have emailed photos and video links to several hundred individuals.  We’ve been told that this story is continuing to be told in meeting and group workshops around the country.

The following is a list of media interviews that given and their published audience numbers:

NATIONAL TV: Fox News – Fox and Friends morning show, 2 live interviews; (audience 867,000 each show)

LOCAL MARKET (the story aired multiple times on each network and was also posted on their website)

NBC 5 News:  (audience 145,000)

WFAA 8 News: (audience 225,000)

FOX 4 News: (audience 117,000)

CBS 11 News: (audience 220,000)