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Experiential Marketing Style

Alright listen up, things are constantly changing in the marketing world. This isn’t anything new. So how are businesses tackling the constant evolement? We know that research can be tedious and flat out boring, so we did it for you. AND GUESS WHAT, experiential marketing is still the name of the game.

The goal of experiential marketing is to create an experience that is so engaging that your client’s brains will form neurons and synapses to remember it long term. Ok, ok. I know we aren’t here for science class, but we just want you to understand how the mind works to store a new experience. Our brains are built to store these memories for a lifetime! The memory has to be unique and it has to make an impact that is worth keeping long term. Want to know how to do this? With wheels! Let me explain what I mean by that.

What is vehicle marketing?

Experiential vehicle marketing is a non-traditional way to connect brands with their consumers. It’s a fun and creative way to use a traditional vehicle and turn it into your brand on wheels! It has proven to be effective time after time, and it’s here for the long run. With this method of marketing you allow your consumers to immerse themselves in your brand and get a hands-on experience!

Want to know how this can take your brand to the next level? Keep reading!

How do brands benefit from this?

  1. It’s Accesibile
    -The vehicle is able to go TO YOUR CONSUMER making it the most accessible campaign tactic. Park it where large gatherings naturally happen; downtown, the beach, the mall, or a college campus! The possibilities are truly endless.
  1. Audience
    Your brand is able to cater to multiple audiences! We know it’s difficult to curate a message that is relevant to a wide range of audiences, but with an experiential marketing vehicle each experience can be tailored to the consumer right in front of you!
  1. Location, location, LOCATION
    Hit the road Jack! But seriously, get in your vehicle and hit the market to SHOW OFF YOUR BRAND. You control the location. You control how long you are at the location. You control which location to go to next! The power is in your hands. The more areas you are able to access, the more ground your brand is able to cover.
  1. Return On Investment
    -We haven’t mentioned this yet, but it’s REALLY important. Just one vehicle will allow you to reach thousands of consumers making the campaign cost effective. An experiential marketing campaign is more prone to increase an ROI due to its ability to target a broader audience. One asset = more people = less spending on traditional marketing tactics = win for the wallet!
  1. Sales Increase
    This one is a no-brainer. An increase in audience and engagement will naturally lead to an increase in sales! Your consumer will have the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, see, and hear your product. This will cause them to want it for themselves. It’s a great way to use the five senses in your favor!
  1. It’s Personal
    -We saved the best for last. Take the time to truly show off who your brand is. MAKE A MEANINGFUL CONNECTION with your consumer and show them the why behind your brand. We use the vehicle as a resource, but the experience is where it really counts!

So, how do you do this? How do you get your brand on the move! LIME MEDIA can help. We are able to partner with clients to ensure a successful experiential campaign. Together we have built experiences that are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Case Studies!

The Airstream

Who loves the words free and travel? I know we do! Southwest executed a campaign where they gave away Rapid Reward points to customers. They could’ve easily just sent an email with a signup sheet and discount code. However, the amount of people who would’ve clicked an email versus reaching people directly at a live event is beyond comparison. Southwest provided an airstream where travelers could sign up for the program, spin the Wheel of Points, and enjoy the fun! The airstream is a classic vehicle for a branded-backdrop, can you say PHOTO OP?!

The Glass Truck

“This doesn’t sound like it would be good for my brand.” BUT… “The lie detector determined that was a lie!” We’ve all heard that famous Maury one liner. Whatever you are selling, providing, or promoting, experiential marketing is for you. From Southwest Airlines to reality t.v. a vehicle can be the perfect answer to your marketing strategy! Our glass truck was used by NBC to promote The Maury Show. Coolest part, MAURY HIMSELF GAVE LIE DETECTOR TESTS. I know I wouldn’t want to be in the hot seat!

The Stage Truck

Technology is all around us. So ask yourself, how can I promote technology on a vehicle? Simple, make it a showroom! Dell had a cross promotion with The Amazing Spider Man movie, and woah, it was REALLY cool to be a part of. Dell wanted to highlight the innovative technology used to create the movie. The stage truck parked at the movie premier and invited guests to interact with the new VR laptop. Just a little gaming pit stop before watching Spiderman!

The LED Truck

Talk about a simple but yet effective vehicle. Our LED trucks are a HIT and they are SMART! You can take a deeper dive here to discover how to utilize our SMART LED trucks and incorporate OOH advertising. 7-Eleven needed to create awareness for their new delivery app. They partnered with us to create an appealing message that would surely catch the attention of bypassers. One vehicle + Multiple locations = Incredible audience reach!

Lime Media is ready to race!

There you have it, vehicles will stay on trend for experiential marketing! With multiple options and a creative team, your opportunity for your brand is endless.

What are you waiting for? WE’RE READY TO WIN THIS RACE WITH YOU! At Lime Media, we are committed to bringing your imagination to life. If you are interested in one of our vehicles, contact us! 972-808-5241

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