Gaming and Experiential Marketing

Video games have become one of the world’s most marketable forms of entertainment. They take us to never before seen places and allow us adventurous opportunities we would never experience. Experiential marketing has become a popular activation form in the gaming community.


In-person Experiences

Gaming has always been pretty much an individual, online hobby, but what if you could combine gaming with an in-person event? Not only does this get consumers out of their bedrooms, but it also builds a community. When playing video games, you’re often interacting with people you might not even know. This is great because it connects individuals from around the globe. Still, it doesn’t allow for the intimate relationship you achieve by interacting in person.

With XM gaming events, gamers experience a connection they don’t obtain online. Additionally, it allows gamers to meet other fans, share their adventures across social media, and help solidify their nostalgia for a brand. Consumers can physically play the game together, talk to each other without headsets, and build a genuine bond. Not only are you selling your game, but you’re selling an experience you just can’t get online.


The Testing Phase

With a brand new game, glitches are inevitable. Coding must be so precise that it takes several rounds of testing to make it flawless. Producing an event where gamers can test an upcoming game creates a win, win, win.

Game developers have the opportunity to get feedback from the experts themselves, the players. Developers can test firsthand how engaging the game is, how challenging it is to finish, and all of the fine details and logistics of the game.

For the gamers, they get to be part of an exclusive group that gets to play your game before it’s released. Think about all the FREE promotions that come with exclusivity! Word-of-mouth is the simplest, most successful form of marketing. The buzz generated will lead to an increase in ROI that will be seen at the release of the game.


Positive Environments

Many gamers can get very invested in their online world. The virtual world they are experiencing can often become an addiction. When playing games that involve violence, excess playing can be harmful. Players need to take breaks and have real-life interactions. Experiential events allow players to interact in real life with real people while still participating in something they love.

Those who know little about the gaming world see the possible negatives as opposed to the positives. Your brand has the opportunity to change the outlook of the community. Rather than focusing on the negatives of gaming, your company can focus on the positives and create an event that highlights gaming while introducing and showcasing  an interactive aspect along with the chance to tell new stories. An in-person event that includes the opportunity to test a new video game will attract new players and give skeptics proof that gaming is not a negative experience. Make your experiential event fun and upbeat, like how gaming is supposed to be!


Experiential marketing is a fantastic way for your company to step out of its comfort zone and try something out-of-the-box to promote your video game. Your company can create a personal and positive attitude towards gaming by providing people with a once-in-a-lifetime experience!