How to Leverage the Power of Event Gamification

Gamification can take many forms, and when thoughtfully executed, it has the power to transform your event into a fun, engaging, and ROI-driven experience through fun, friendly challenges that reward activities and actions.

While the idea of event gamification is growing in popularity, it’s clear that many people don’t exactly understand what it means. Here’s a simple explanation of gamification, and how you can leverage it in your next experiential marketing event.

What is Event Gamification?

Gamification is when you take a seemingly mundane chore or topic and turn it into something fun and engaging. Fueled by positive reinforcement, incentives are used to keep the “player” interested.

When you include gamification in marketing, you’re turning customers into players. And the more interesting the game, the greater the reward to yourself and the business.

How to Gamify Experiential Marketing

So what are some ways that brands can use technology in order to allow gamification to come to life at experiential marketing events?

1.) Beacons

Blue Tooth Low Energy and wifi can be used to push content to enabled devices, meaning that attendees are actually able to complete treasure hunts autonomously and simply.

2.) Choose the adventure

Special applications can be programmed to allow attendees to choose where they begin and end their adventure. Consecutive objectives can then be pushed, based on their choice and areas in which they have spent the most time.

3.) Continuous Data Feedback

The nature of games in experiential means that data is constantly being fed back to event planners, passively. Dwell times, and preferences based on industry, content, delivery method and more.

4.) Treasure Hunts

Allow guests to adventure throughout an event space by finding clues and checking in to secret areas that you can only find through one of your marketing channels.

5.) Product Introduction

Using gamification to introduce a particular product into the market is a great way to help consumers better understand what your product is and the purpose it serves.

It’s all about being creative and adding a little fun to your event. That’s the key to driving engagement to your event using gamification.
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