7 Tips For a More Engaging Experiential Marketing Event

Experiential marketing is also known as engagement marketing, and for good reason. Experiential marketing events connect consumers and brands through face-to-face marketing tactics and offer fun experiences. But what if the consumers aren’t engaging with the experience? That would have a disastrous effect on the campaign’s ROI. Here are 7 strategies to focus on during the planning stages to make sure that your next experiential marketing event drives attendee registration, fan engagement, & so much more!

Know Your Audience

You keep seeing “know your audience” everywhere because it is crucial. If you aren’t connecting with your audience in an authentic way, you are missing out on true engagement and growth. Once you know your audience, you can tailor and personalize event elements based on their interests, needs, and wants.

Appeal to the Senses

You’re selling more than a product or service, you’re selling an entire experience. The design of your activation, pop up shop, trailer, plays a big role in attracting consumers. Everything from lighting to signage to your event staff’s uniform needs to be unique and visually appealing. Even if the design elements are funky or off-the-wall, you want to give attendees a reason to come check out your event.

Don’t Skimp on Technology

Technology has come a long way in the past five years. Interactive elements that draw consumers into the brand’s story creates a personalized experience that they won’t forget. Elements like AR and VR, social walls, customized RFID technology, and touchscreen applications are engaging and leave consumers with a memorable experience.

Present a Lasting Impression

Most trade shows and marketing events offer pamphlets and brochures, samples, and someone to talk to. Is that enough to leave a lasting impression? Do more. Use swag bags to really leave a lasting impression. Pens and notepads are nice, but they’re commonly offered. Why not include discount coupons or codes, customized hats or scarves, and reusable travel mugs with coffee samples from a local coffeehouse?

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

Before and after your event, social media can help convert interested consumers to your brand or service. Use social media to remind people of the event, what your company offers, and what they can look forward to receiving or experiencing at your event. Read feedback and respond as quickly as possible to keep your target audience engaged.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, host a contest and announce that the winner will be chosen during the experiential marketing event. Make that giveaway worthwhile so that people want to go to your booth or table.

Utilize Your Brand Ambassadors

Happy, smiling, and friendly brand ambassadors hold the key to successful event engagement. After all, they are on the front lines and are responsible for initiating conversations with event attendees. You will want to have the very best people representing your brand based on who your target audience is.

Outshine The Competition

Think outside of the box and try to come up with unique offerings that will set you apart from your competition.

Let’s say you want to promote a new haircare product. People expect to see and test out the product in person. They may expect company swag, free product, or a discount. What if you a glam squad on deck to give mini makeovers utilizing that new product? You bring the feeling of sitting in a salon to the streets.

In using this basic foundation, you can plan, design, create and execute a memorable and engaging experiential brand experience.

Take Your Experiential Marketing Event to The Next Level

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