McDonald’s had consumers “Hooked” at the Gasparilla pirate event!

It wasn’t just the pirates that made Gasparilla a little bit different. It’s the two-day extravaganza of events that makes this annual party a great time.  With events happing all around the city, our agency-partner FKQ used our “mobile sampling” truck to maximize the Mc Donald’s sponsorship and increase the overall awareness of the event as well as the Mc Donald’s brand.

The first day of Gasparilla had some very un-Florida like weather and was unusually cold, but that didn’t stop the McDonald’s team from spreading some sunshine with free fries, hash browns, hot and ices coffee.  We kicked off the weekend with a unique FRYDay event. The McDonald’s Fry Truck visited not one, not two, but SEVEN different locations in one day. We bounced from location to location to meet up with local radio personalities and TV stations to hand out samples. They loved it! We even got a few on-air shout-outs!

Day two was even better! Thousands of consumers braved the cold in their best pirate gear and warmest jackets to catch a glimpse of the Gasparilla Pirate Parade! The McDonald’s team was all too happy to help warm everyone up and we passed out over 2400 free samples of McDonald’s hot coffee and golden French fries on this day alone! 

Overall, it was a pirates’ treasure of good will and good eats. Our fans got over 15,000 samples and we’re cheering another successful invasion by our sampling crew!


Event photo credit EventFest