Boost Mobile Turns 40!

Boost Mobile is 40! Well, not 40 years old but unlimited talk, text, and data plans starting at $40. 

A few weeks ago we launched our third program with our friends at Boost Mobile. In 2013 we had a ghoulishly great time with a special Halloween promotion and then again, earlier this year, for a tax refund program that made even Uncle Sam smile. This time, Boost Mobile is turning 40, no not years old, but a special promotion that offers unlimited talk, text and data starting at only $40. Now that is something to celebrate!

So did we call the Cake Boss to make a cake? Nope, but we did make something….four something’s actually. We took four of our 12’ glass box trucks and made them into mobile fiestas! Each glass box truck was fabricated with two large blowers that were mounted securely to create a little wind. Did I say a little wind? I meant a lot of wind! We then added a row of uniquely designed air ‘chutes’ that guided the air up the back wall. Once the air reached the ceiling it would then turn back towards the front of the truck, creating a whirlwind effect. Add 20 or so very large orange balloons to each glass box truck along with thousands of confetti strips and you have one eye catching, hey look at me, don’t walk but run to a Boost Mobile store near you, marketing machine! 

The Virtual Display Truck is a “live” showroom on wheels, which is much more effective that a static image on a mobile billboard because it allows consumers to see the product in a “real world” environment. This is high-impact out-of-home mobile advertising that delivers your brand directly to customers.