Why Experiential Marketing Works

Branding your business with a positive emotional experience is the backbone of all experiential marketing plans. This marketing plan helps to engage the consumer emotionally by giving them something positive to remember about the business. We are emotional beings created to connect to one another on that level.

We experience life this way too. The same goes for having an opinion of a product you have once tried, used, or are still operating today in the marketplace. The emotion or experience tied to that product or service will likely keep you engaged and continually buying those goods or services. It’s called experiential marketing, and it works.

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First impressions make lasting connections

First impressions make lasting connections, and your reputation is on the line. Whether a potential customer had a positive experience or a negative experience, the most critical part of Lime Media’s message is that we must constantly adapt to change and continue to help others be excited about what’s next.

If, for instance, you walk up or into a business and the person at the counter is rude, strike one. Then the service was lousy, strike two. And now the food or drinks tasted terrible, well, that experience just landed your business a negative experience for a future loyal customer. It only takes one strike, and you could be out.

According to the Harvard Business Review, it takes five positive remarks for just one negative remark to be resolved or to help ‘change the mind’ of a person who has had a negative experience into a positive one. The first impressions of a brand of products or a line of service that customers frequently encounter or purchase can be based upon whether the experience made a good or bad impression on the consumer. This is where experiential marketing takes place.

It’s by keeping the audience engaged with the branded product or service line for the long haul. In turn, creating a loyal fanbase of repeat customers. The strategy that most businesses are striving for is loyal repeat customers because you need those customers to stay in business for a long time, and you may go bankrupt if no money is coming in. Someone has to pay the bills.

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Proof Positive Marketing

Experiential marketing works and your business will create unforgettable emotions that will keep loyal consumers tied to that product or service over an extended period of time or possibly a lifetime if it’s a vastly positive experience. For instance, look at some companies with branding deals like tractors, cars, boats, fishing gear, food, sports, restaurants, clothing, jewelry, and that list goes on and on.

Those companies have taken their experiential marketing plan and created a lifetime of positive experiences that work. The customers can relate to that brand and their experiences, and not so much of a sales pitch to try and make a sale. These companies are proof positive, and it all started with a marketing plan and the emotional experience the customer had with that brand.

Of course, we all know that word of mouth is the best advertisement, but that can only go so far for example if you check out our work you will see where we got started. Yet, branding and creating a positive customer experience can help establish a loyal fanbase with repeat customers, and it’s essential to the success of any business.

Staying engaged with the customer through proper branding, emails, coupons, flyers, newsletters, mail inserts, or other means of experiential marketing will ensure that your fanbase stays strong. Some of the most popular companies have been in business for many years and have set a brand.

Those businesses have kept their audiences’ informed or engaged through some level of experiential marketing. This strategy works well and is more convenient and easier to implement with the technology available today. Getting the word
out there and getting the product name and brand out in the public where that brand is up close and personal with your audience is the primary focus of most marketing skills. While the first impressions of those products hold an authentic experience in our memory banks.

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3D Technology

Technology opens up a whole new world regarding business branding and marketing. A vast array of social media platforms can help launch a business venture from start to finish and pave the way to get those products or services out to a multitude of people
across the globe.

In the last 50 years, our tech industry has exponentially grown and has extended into 3D and 4D dimensions. Like something out of a sci-fi movie. The 3D exterior renderings, modeling, texturing, and lighting are essential to creating that brand. Branding tools with 3D activation for branding a specific product or service.

Finding the right company to make those graphics for your buildings, vehicles, props, or events is also essential to your brand or business’s success. Those 3D renderings of a product go beyond the traditional marketing strategies to selling a product or line of service, and it’s able to get the product from paper to visualization giving your brand a more realistic view of how it will look before going to market.

Just think of how you visualize most of the brands you use daily. Does this brand produce the results that you need it to? For instance, does it work well? Does the product or service come to mind when you are thinking of a specific experience you had with that brand? Of course, it does. A company’s brand is their signature.

The products and services they may provide, along with how someone experiences that brand, is an essential part of experiential marketing; it is how loyal customers are made. Contacting a company with a good reputation that can produce your brand on different levels and has a track record of exceptional work is also essential. They can take your ideas from paper to a finished design with the help of 3D activation. If you are every interested in working with us feel free to contact us to get started.