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Tactical Experiential Marketing Solutions

We are frequently asked “What is the best asset for our program?”, and that is a great question! The first thing we like to do here at Lime Media is start with the campaign strategy and then tailor a solution around the key factors such as the most appropriate asset, the best time of year to activate, effective routing and key markets.

Here are some brief overviews of a few experiential marketing solutions to consider when planning a OOH experience or marketing campaign:


This option requires Cap X funding, and usually represents a long-term program that can include a single asset, or multiple assets. These assets can take months to produce due to complex engineering cycles and intensive fabrication. If “Go Big, or Go Home” is your style, this owning this type of asset may be a good approach.


This option is popular as it allows you to saturate a single market or national programs quickly, and is only limited by your budget. There are thousands of leasable assets in market that can be vinyl wrapped and branded within days, and can remain active as long as needed. Due to limited storage space and lack of customization to the vehicle, this option is ideal for pop-up type activation and visual impressions.


This amazing option allows you to fully customize countless types of assets into an amazing experience, that is tailored around your campaign. Leasing these assets alleviates you of the burden of tapping into Cap X funding, can be short or long term, and eliminates post-program inventory. This is the most popular option in experiential marketing and merges the best of option 1 and 2 into an engaging, mobile experience that is sure to satisfy all of your campaign objectives.