How to Take the Display Window to Your Consumers!

Today, brands need to do everything in their power to think outside the box, the Glass Box Truck that is!


Remember the good ol’ days of window shopping, walking by department stores, gazing at the beautifully tailored window display and hearing that inner dialogue speak to you “you need that”, “go in the store”, “buy it!”

Are those days over?

Pretty much!


With the ease of the internet and a simple click of a button, consumers have everything they need at their fingertips. SO. How do brands stand out? How do they get the attention of their consumers? How do brands gain consumer loyalty and show customers they care? Well. You have to think outside the box!

Lime Media’s custom glass box trucks turn into beautiful, innovative, mobile displays. But better than just a display, they can be interactive, giving your consumers an experience that will trigger their emotions and create brand loyalty. Creating unique experiences for your target audience has become a MUST for the success of any brand. Participation in brand events allows consumers to create true memories with the brand and makes a positive impact. Instead of just scratching the surface and being at the top of your consumers’ minds, you reach their feels and become the top of the consumers’ hearts! Consumers choose brands when they share a set of personality values and characteristics.

With our glass box trucks the possibilities of reaching your consumers are truly endless!


For Peloton we created an inviting living room inside one of these gems and displayed their newest interactive spin bike. We went all out with this moving “living room” with custom molding and hardwood flooring. We added texture with a luxurious area rug and custom drapes. A houseplant for a splash of greenery and a pristine leather bench were the final touches that brought it all together. This glass box truck drove traffic to store openings in Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Consumers were invited into the living room to test out the fully functional bike in a live-streaming class with professional instructors.

Need a drink, anyone? Whiteclaw put two of our activation ready glass box trucks on the road. In no time we had it vinyl wrapped, we fabricated huge prop white claw cans, put them on a light up display that dazzled consumers through a faux frosted glass wall. These two head turning trucks traveled the country bringing even more awareness to the already hugely popular beverage.


How about a mobile beauty shop? Cut hair, give manicures, or spa treatments in the luxury of a custom fabricated-to-suit your needs glass truck.

Take your products on the road and travel the country selling out of a custom traveling glass box truck retail store.

Bring awareness to your cause by creating a unique photo op inside one of our glass box trucks and use social media to take your campaign viral.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with these trucks!

Move with the times, innovate, create and engage your consumers in an outstanding, mind blowing way! Don’t let your brand get left behind to settle in the dust. If you want to be an outstanding brand you have to create outstanding experiences for your consumers. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, contact us at our Dallas offices by calling 972-808-5241 or fill out our contact form here.


How would YOU use a glass box truck? Post your comments and ideas below!