Why Your Cause Marketing Campaigns Should Be Experiential

Consumers are demanding that brands start to take a strong stance on societal issues. Nine out of 10 consumers say they are likely to switch to a cause-branded product. While over three-quarters of consumers report feeling a strong emotional connection to purpose-drive brands. If your brand isn’t diving head first into cause marketing then you might just find your customers — and employees — looking somewhere else.

From large scale activations, pop-ups, and roadshows, cause marketing events are incorporating experiential marketing tactics into their strategy to drive real-world impact.

Discover how experiential marketing can take your cause marketing campaigns to the next level and help you build brand loyalty and attract new customers while supporting an important cause.

Choose Something You Believe In

The key to making this strategy successful is aligning yourself with a cause that the brand actually believes in and supports. Cause marketing will work best if the cause is something that employees believe in. If staff buy into the concept, they will work harder and feel passionate about helping. This collective energy will be reflected in the work you do.

Connect the Cause to the Brand

The cause should also relate to your brand in some way. There are plenty of examples of seemingly random partnerships that have been very successful, but in general cause marketing will come across as more genuine if the cause is related in some way to the brand.

Do More Than Donate

Money is helpful and necessary, but it is important to note that 64% of consumers say that contributing money alone isn’t enough; brands should integrate social good directly into their business. It’s not all about raising funds, but raising awareness so they can educate the public on the importance of the cause.

Consider the Timing

Timing is an important factor to consider when planning your cause marketing campaigns. You must determine what time of year your campaign will have the biggest impact.

Don’t Be Afraid of Humor

Promoting social good is no laughing matter. However, this does not mean that companies must take a humorless approach to their cause marketing campaigns. Sometimes, injecting humor into the partnership is the best way to speak to your target audience.

Are you interested in incorporating experiential marketing into your cause marketing campaigns? If so, talk to the experts at Lime Media. Our team of experts can guide your brand through the process of planning and hosting an experiential marketing event that is designed to reach your goals and leave a lasting impression on your audience!