One More ‘Region’ to do Business with Lime Media!

With growth comes better availability and lower cost for our McDonald’s assets. In the past if a truck was in LA and had to travel to NY, it would be rather costly. Now, our assets are placed regionally throughout the US to better support your needs as well as lower your cost. In fact, over the last three years our cost to you has declined year after year due to our assets being regionally based. We currently have four regions with the following assets placed;  

Region 1 – West Coast – McDonald’s smoothie trailers and branded McDonald’s tents. The McDonald’s smoothie trailers hold all of the proper compliance requirements for California which takes away any potential headaches for you. With these trailers we can serve thousands of samples per event of Blueberry Pomegranate and Mango Pineapple smoothies. In addition to the smoothies, we can also sample Go-Gurt and McDonald’s apple slices.   

Region 2 – Mountain South – Housed in our corporate offices in Rowlett, Texas are additional McDonald’s smoothie trailers along with beautiful McDonald’s Fry Trucks and additional McDonald’s branded tents. The McDonald’s Fry Trucks are a true eye catcher among the masses at any event. And the delicious aroma of freshly prepared McDonald’s French Fries on site will always get the appetites stirring. Have two sites at one event? The McDonald’s branded tents allow versatility with location and sampling opportunities. Easily sample McCafe coffee or iced coffee as well as pass out premiums to the consumers. 

Region 3 – Midwest – Our McDonald’s smoothie trucks are ones that we are especially proud of as we can provide the full line of McDonald’s smoothies as well as both iced and hot McCafe coffee products. These trucks are extremely versatile and can get in and out of almost any event space with ease. Add another McDonald’s 10ft x 10ft branded tent to the foot print and it’s sure to create excitement. 

Region 4 – East Coast – As with its Midwest counterparts, these McDonald’s McCafe trucks can also provide delicious McDonald’s smoothies as well as both hot and iced McCafe drinks. Combined with great branding, this is a home run at any event.