The #Fryvalry has launched!

The brain-child of OE/Moroch, this phenomenal truck contains a 3-vat LOV McDonald’s Fryer, capable of producing french fries, nuggets, and hash browns. The state-of-the art graphic highlight McDonald’s newest creative, featuring a black background with cyan and magenta lettering, and graphics of the McDonald’s fries and hash browns. This truck is all about pitting spud against spud. Who will come out the winner? French fries or hash browns?

To spread the word, the #Fryvalry truck made appearances at a series of Red River Rivalry events and encouraged fans of all ages to celebrate the infamous Texas vs OU Football game.   We moved from Victory Park to Sherlocks in Dallas on Thursday, made an appearance at the Concrete Cowboy and Clutch in Uptown on Friday, and finished our tour with Henderson Tap House’s renowned watch party and Standard Pour on Saturday. At each location we sampled McDonald’s fantastic french fries and mouth-watering hash browns and took a poll on the favored potato.

No surprise, french fries came out on top, although it was a battle to the end with hash browns putting up a good fight. The final tally was 3,324 to 2,463. Whichever you pick, you can’t go wrong with McDonalds. They’re frytastic!