Say Cheese! This Display Should Be in a Magazine!

Say Cheese! This Display Should Be in a Magazine!

Dairy MAX is a non-profit dairy council that represents more than 900 dairy farm families across southwest Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Dairy MAX communicates the natural goodness of dairy and its importance in a nutrient-rich diet, while educating people about dairy farming.
With all our clients, our top priority is to help them deliver a message that will cut through all the clutter. So when Dairy MAX and Balcom Agency, a full-service marketing agency in Fort Worth, came to us with great ideas and graphics for a new trailer exhibit, we jumped at the chance to make those dreams a reality.

It isn’t easy to turn conceptual sketches into a physical place, but we put our heads together to create an amazing experience: the Dairy Discovery Zone traveling exhibit. It is now rolling out to state fairs and events across the Southwest to promote Dairy MAX’s key message of natural dairy goodness.

Working closely with Balcom and Dairy MAX, we brought the goodness of dairy to life on iPads and large touchscreen televisions that took the guest experience to an entirely new level through educational videos and interactive games like Dairy-oke.

Then there was the challenge of the sign. The whole team agreed we wanted a unique visual that could be seen from a distance to draw in fair-goers – something better than your standard sign with telescoping flags. Dairy MAX and Balcom were launching a new campaign featuring custom-illustrated letters spelling out the word “AMAZING,” and they asked us to transform that illustration into a three-dimensional inflatable. That’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially when each letter is a different object – but we were up to the challenge, creating a stunning inflatable that stands 7.25’ high x 32’ wide x 30” deep. 

Take a look at the photos and let us know if you have a client who could use something similar to promote their brand.