Benefits of Using Multiple Marketing Vehicles

Experiential marketing is when you allow consumers to participate in the marketing you are providing. A lot of brands use engaging assets to promote their product or service. The unique thing about using vehicles to advertise is you can use more than one at a time, increasing your overall return on investment!

More Exposure

One of the most important things a company needs is exposure. Exposure is what allows your company to take off and ultimately grow. Using more than one asset allows your product or service to be seen and experienced by the masses. It’s safe to say five assets will be seen by five times the number of people, giving your brand more exposure. If you are trying to get as many eyes on your product or service as possible, the more assets you have, the merrier.


Reach Opposite Parties

Having multiple assets is beneficial when marketing to opposing sides or teams. You can advertise two different things while having the same mission. We worked with Terry Hines & Associates to promote the NBA finals for NBC. For the activation, we had one asset in San Francisco, where the Warriors play, and one in Boston, where the Celtics play. This idea can be used in several different ways. Suppose you are trying to advertise Pikachu and Eevee. In that case, you can have two assets with different themes according to the character. The idea is to reach both parties and satisfy the needs of both sides. It’s essential that everyone feels valued no matter what team or side they are a fan of.


Test Multiple Markets

Using multiple assets allows you to send them to different markets. Simuntelousy, you can have one marketing vehicle in the Hamptons and another in Dallas. Each location has a unique demographic. This will allow your company to see which place your product or service performs the best. For example, analyzing your activation in the Hamptons vs. Dallas will give your company understanding of which market is best suited for you! Utilizing various assets will allow you to understand what type of people your brand is for and narrow down your target audience.



Using multiple assets gives brands piece of mind throughout the event. If a problem arises, a backup is always ready and available. This creates an extra sense of security. If you only have one asset, there is a chance that the activation will run into issues and possibly won’t be able to proceed.

Another convenience is that you are giving consumers more opportunities to see your event. Utilizing several locations brings a broader range of options for attendees. It’s more convenient for someone to pick which activation they want to attend. Usually, the consumer will want to get to the one that’s closest to them. It’s the same concept as a mobile tour, but each activation happens simultaneously or closely.

The more people see and interact with your brand, the more likely they will remember you. With access to several assets, consumers are more likely to connect the dots, keeping your brand at the front of consumer minds.


Multiple Revenue Streams

Choosing experiential marketing will give your company a learning experience that can be very rewarding financially, providing financial flexibility to your company. That said, having multiple experiential marketing assets will be more effective than one because of the greater demand for the amount of revenue you can acquire. Experiential marketing is a significant way to test a new revenue stream and see if it works for your company! Using multiple assets will give your company a head start over your competitors. You will offer your consumers an engaging experience where you’ll be able to create new markets and revenue streams that your competitors are struggling to get. Experiential marketing with various assets is so effective that there’s no reason not to get started!