A Wicked Good Program; Go Boston 2030

Mayor Martin J. Walsh launched the on-the-ground phase of the City of Boston’s Go Boston 2030 transportation initiative with the “What’s Your Question” truck, a 16′ glass box truck that will visit every city neighborhood from January 29 to February 7. The truck is part of the larger Go Boston 2030 Question Campaign that asks residents and commuters, “What’s your question about getting around Boston in the future?” Using one of our 16’ glass box trucks, the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) is inviting citizens out from the cold and into the back of the glass box truck so that they can learn more about the Go Boston 2030 initiative as well as donate their questions. While in the truck, the great people of Boston can also watch a series of videos on the Go Boston 2030 initiative as well as jot their questions down on the inside or outside glass panels for all to read. Why a glass box truck? IISC wanted a unique way to grab the attention of citizens from each neighborhood that they are scheduled to visit. With a unique exterior design, bright color scheme along with several helping hands both inside and outside of the truck, engaging the people of Boston should be a snap!