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Summer State of Mind


What feels like summer more than ice cream? The Mayfield Summer of Fun tour kicked off in late June near Orlando, with the help of our great agency partner Curiosity, and concluded this past weekend in Tampa.  Our truck was a top destination at 16 events, 6 firework displays, 4 outdoor concerts where we gave away over 14,000 samples. In addition to free ice cream samples, our onsite photo-op snapped hundreds of smiles from adults and children alike that captured pure ice cr eam induced happiness!

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Making Your Morning Better!


Not everyone is a rise and shine, before the alarm “morning person”! But regardless of your AM routine, everyone can agree that coffee makes everything better! Our agency partner, Davis Elen, inspired DC and Baltimore-area commuters to “Join The Ranks” with some help from Lime Media and our full service Mc Donald’s McCafe coffee sampling truck.

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Behind every great leader, star athlete or A-list celebrity you can find a team of individuals that contribute to the achievements and image of that frontline public figure. The same collective involvement is required behind any epic event, marketing campaign and/or stunt. What is often never acknowledged, prior to the picture perfect magazine AD that will forever live on (or collect dust) in someone’s corner office, are the devoted people, original technology and countless hours that it takes...to make it happen. 


Fresh Agency Partner


Lime Media is kicking off the spring event season with a talented new agency partner, The Infinite Agency! Their big idea and great team combined with our talented craftsmanship are a perfect blend of expertise for the #BUDLIGHTPARTY bus tour. The two-month program hit the road yesterday and our team at Lime Media is anxious to see where the #BUDLIGHTPARTY Bus and our new partnership will take us. Cheers! 

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Fresh Faces


Lime media is excited to announce two new team members, as we continue to ensure that we pave the way for industry innovation and flawless event execution.

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McDonald’s had consumers “Hooked” at the Gasparilla pirate event!


It wasn't just the pirates that made Gasparilla a little bit different. It’s the two-day extravaganza of events that makes this annual party a great time.  With events happing all around the city, our agency-partner FKQ used our "mobile sampling" truck to maximize the Mc Donald’s sponsorship and increase the overall awareness of the event as well as the Mc Donald’s brand.  

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The McDonald’s Fry Truck Is A Slam Dunk!


When Lime Media pulled up to Cheesapeake Energy Arena in the McDonald’s Fry Truck, you could feel the chill in the air. It was opening day for the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were set to face off against the San Antonio Spurs and it was predicted to be a close game. Fans came from all over Oklahoma and Texas to see the match and they were far from disappointed.

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